enable AnkhSVN in Visual Studio

For VS2012 (and probably others too)
Go to: Tools -> Options -> Source Control -> Plug-In Selection
Then choose “AnkhSVN”

[solved] The project type is not supported by this installation

In my case (after upgrading Asp.Net MVC3 to Asp.Net MVC4 application)
The following ProjectTypeGuids solved the issue:


I believe they mean the followin (in the same order as above):

Asp.Net MVC 4
Web Application
C# project

useful visual studio plugins


code jumper CodeJumper

default browser changer DefaultBrowserPackage

Regex Tester RegexTester-v1.3.2

PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2010 link

Collapse Selection In Solution Explorer link

Collapse All Commenting (HideShow Comments) link


Friendly Debug Display Info (DebuggerDisplay)

To show a friendly view of an object, use DebuggerDisplay:

namespace PasPlus.BusinessObjects.Core
    [DebuggerDisplay("{Forname,nq} {Surname,nq} (Patient_id: {Patient_id,nq})")]
    public partial class Patient : Bitlink.DataAccess.BusinessObject
        internal Int64 patient_id; 
        public Int64 Patient_id
            get { return patient_id; }
                patient_id = value;
                _data_access_isdirty = true;


the code:

[DebuggerDisplay("{Forname,nq} {Surname,nq} (Patient_id: {Patient_id,nq})")]

from the namespace:   System.Diagnostics

will replace the the following popup:


with a friendlier one:


Visual Studio 2010 Web Deployment Projects

You can download the Visual Studio 2010 Web Deployment Projects setup from here

http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=24509  [Direct Download]

console.write / console.writeln solution for winforms / testing environment

use System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine instead

and open your output window (ctrl – W – O)

Please note: this will only last as long as your app is in debug mode!

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