IIS Express

Running IIS Express without using WebMatrix

If you installed WebMatrix, you have IIS Express installed on your computer as a web server and you can use that to test the pages. You can run IIS Express from the command line and associate it with a specific port number. You then specify that port when you request .cshtml files in your browser.

In Windows, open a command prompt with administrator privileges and change to C:\Program Files\IIS Express. (For 64-bit systems, use the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\IIS Express.) Then enter the following command, using the actual path to your site:

iisexpress.exe /port:35896 /path:C:\BasicWebSite

You can use any port number that isn’t already reserved by some other process. (Port numbers above 1024 are typically free.) For the path value, use the path of the website folder where the .cshtml files are.

After you run this command to set up IIS Express to serve your pages, you can open a browser and browse to a .cshtml file. Use a URL like the following:


For help with IIS Express command line options, enter iisexpress.exe /? at the command line.

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