speech recognition

using System.Speech.Recognition;

private void Form_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

    // Create a new SpeechRecognitionEngine instance.
    SpeechRecognizer recognizer = new SpeechRecognizer();

    // Create a simple grammar that recognizes "red", "green", or "blue".
    Choices colors = new Choices();
    colors.Add(new string[] { "i am happy", "green", "blue" });

    // Create a GrammarBuilder object and append the Choices object.
    GrammarBuilder gb = new GrammarBuilder();
    gb.Culture = new CultureInfo("en-gb");

    // Create the Grammar instance and load it into the speech recognition engine.
    Grammar g = new Grammar(gb);

    // Register a handler for the SpeechRecognized event.
    recognizer.SpeechRecognized +=
        new EventHandler<SpeechRecognizedEventArgs>(sre_SpeechRecognized);

// Create a simple handler for the SpeechRecognized event.
void sre_SpeechRecognized(object sender, SpeechRecognizedEventArgs e)
    MessageBox.Show("Speech recognized: " + e.Result.Text);